The Cumberland

Brand Design and Development


What has become one of our favourite local hangouts, The Cumberland is an underground speakeasy paying tribute to the rich history of the land on which the venue stands. Opening a fridge door, you’ll find a hidden staircase transporting you to another time. Twisting your way down the beautiful reclaimed timber stairs, you’re greeted by an ornate tiled logo that emulates the world in which you’ve entered.

The MJC group, who own and operate some of Sydneys best small bars and restaurants reached out to us to help ensure The Cumberland brand would represent all that history, vintage and antiquity the venue showcased. We set to work designing a classic logo, focussing on the era of old. Diving into research of the area, fashions and interests of the time, we helped shape a classic brand that will not only stand the test of time, but also transport people to an old world that should never be forgotten.



What We Did

Branding, Design, Fit-out