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Unbeknownst to many, Baxter Boots, Australia’s oldest boot maker since 1850, has remained a cherished heritage brand, passed down through generations within the same family. However, prior to Poloko’s involvement, the brand had lost its luster and was trailing behind its competitors with an outdated appearance. Through an extensive brand essence exploration, Poloko rediscovered Baxter Boots’ focus and revitalised its logo and brand assets, infusing them with a contemporary aesthetic that aligned with its present personality. A highly welcomed brand refresh.

In addition, Poloko strategically positioned the brand refresh to stand out amidst its competitors, encapsulating the essence of its products and origins with the powerful tagline, ‘Made Country Tough.’ With this rejuvenated direction, Poloko proceeded to roll out an array of brand assets, including compelling product catalogues, eye-catching packaging, an engaging website, shop signage and captivating social media content, breathing new life into Baxter Boots and reestablishing its rightful place in the market.

View the rebranded site here.


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