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A glow up

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Conceived in 2012, Bondi Sands hit the ground running. Equipped with a great name and effective formula, the market welcomed this product with open arms. Finally a self-tanning product that actually looks like a real tan – not orange! Since then the product has spread like wild fire.

With great appreciation, Poloko was assigned the task of packaging design for the whole Bondi Sands core range as well as their liquid gold range. The existing packaging needed a facelift and lacked the lustre and premium look the product deserved. Working closely with visionary and co-founder of Bondi Sands, Blair James (a true legend), Poloko set out to meet expectations, and that we did…

Since the refresh and the addition of new innovative products, the brand has consistently gone from strength to strength. Bondi Sands has transformed from an affordable quality product to a highly sought-after premium brand. Not only is it popular nationally, but it has also gained international recognition, with its products prominently featured in major retail outlets across the USA, UK, and Europe.

Check out the amazing Bondi Sands product range here.


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