Brand Design and Development


From a humble design package donation to the “Life Ball” mental awareness charity event, bloomed an exciting creation.

Rockrose Pilates had the dream of building a studio where clients could come to feel warm and safe. A space where clients could share problems, not only physical but mental.

Founder Helen, having a background in HR and psychology wanted a brand that would represent the strong and sensitive, the rigid and the flexible, the guarded and unguarded. What better representation than the Rockrose. A flower that thrives in the harshest of conditions.

After working closely with Helen on a brand essence to capture the vital information that would form the foundations of her brand, we set to work creating a considered brand, inspired by the many facets of her practice – the physical reformer pilates, the strong poses, right down to the open dialogue created with the clients to make them feel like they can share anything. The outcome has resulted in brand look and feel that captures both the Rock and Rose, the strength and suppleness.



What We Did

Brand Design and Development