Partner Commercial

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With extensive experience and knowledge in commercial real estate, Lee and Dave had a clear understanding of client needs to which no current agency delivered.

This was the motivation to set up their own agency and ultimately give the local Industry a shakeup. Working closely with the Lee and Dave, Poloko executed a brand essence document to determine the direction and style of the brand; Honest, down to earth, caring agents with the drive to work together with clients to achieve long term goals. This was not about short term transactions.

With these values in mind the business name PARTNER was conceived. From here Poloko continued on to develop a stand out, meaningful, unique brand package through print and digital material arming the guys to go out and win business… And win they did! In the short period of time from opening, the team at Partner achieved between 200-300% more business than any competing agency of the same size with added 15 years plus experience!

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Partner Commercial

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