/ PREZZEE, The Gift They’ll Never Give Away

Worst. Present. Ever.

/ Creative Concept / Production Management / Video and Stills Capture / Campaign Rollout

Unwrapping the Magic Globally: Our Christmas campaign with Prezzee unfolded as we conceptualised and executed a unique Christmas campaign centred around ‘The Gift They’ll Never Give Away.’ With three distinct ads targeting family, corporate, and young adult audiences, we brought to life the relatable scenario of receiving disappointing Christmas gifts. Each ad portrays the moment of unwrapping, capturing the palpable disappointment, only to be rescued by Prezzee’s game-changing tagline, “Should have got them a Prezzee E-Gift Card.”

What sets this campaign apart is its global resonance. Rolled out across the USA, UK, and Australasia, our team meticulously tailored the voiceovers to ensure the messaging resonated with each audience. From concept development to seamless production management, filming, photography, and final production rollout – our agency ensured that Prezzee’s message transcended borders with humour and charm, making their E-Gift Cards the ultimate Christmas rescue.

Watch the ad series here


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