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RUNHUNTERS approached us as an established brand, with an esteemed following –  known and loved within the running community for their top tier running app.

Pivoting from their success, RUNHUNTERS set their sights on a whole new demographic, focusing on the principles of inclusivity and accessibility.

Their aspiration was to implement activity and adventure not only to the elite runners among us but anybody and everybody who wants to get out an explore… With confidence.

A brand refresh was imminent.

We developed the name CAPRA (Latin for mountain goat, a common bit of slang for those who are considered adventurous mountaineers). This pays a sneaky homage to the foundation of RUNHUNTERS, the team who are truly mountain goats; running trails and hiking mountains.

We crafted a new brand around CAPRA (goat), and using imagery and tone of voice the CAPRA brand has successfully gone from an exclusive runners app, to an app that anyone, anywhere can jump on and find a trail, walk or hike to suit their level of goat-i-ness and begin to Explore with Confidence.

Explore the brand: capra app


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