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O what a feeling!

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Founded and created by Maria Enna-Cocciolone, with over 35 years industry experience. O-Cosmedics is a brand that Poloko holds dear to their heart. Coining the word ‘Cosmedics’, a blend of cosmetic and medical grade technology, Maria launched a new category of skincare, specifically aligned to the Professional Beauty Industry.

Poloko worked with Maria from the ground up. We started out establishing the brand essence to create a solid foundation and DNA of the brand which then launched us into the design and creation of the brand itself. All the way through to packaging, consumer collateral, photography, marketing and exhibition pieces.

The end result, with the amazing hard work of Maria and her team the brand and its great range of products just keep going from strength to strength. Their success is seen both nationally and internationally.

Check out their awesome products and try them for yourself. I’ve never stopped using them myself!


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