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Cakes to the MAX

/ Logo Design / Brand Development / Photography / Stylist / Digital Menu Display

Master Chocolatiers, Max Brenner engaged Poloko to shape the creative direction for their delightful new venture, Cakes By Max. This was a compact kiosk adaptation of their cafés that would be located in high foot traffic areas in a variety of shopping malls. Every element was thoughtfully curated to evoke the sensory pleasure associated with Max Brenner’s renowned desserts, from the logo design to its overall brand development. Our design expertise extended across multiple touch points of creative, such as POS, animated digital menu displays and stylised photography. The result is a delicious harmonised fusion of branding and creative direction that showcases the irresistible allure of Cakes By Max.

Their desserts truly are amazing. So much so, we always looked forward to post photoshoots so that we could stuff ourselves with product… Yummmm!


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