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Start-up business ‘Food United’ engaged Poloko to create their brand from the ground up. This exciting business came to us at its most infant stage, just an idea on a piece of paper. We unpacked messaging and motives, dived into target markets and discovered what it was that the client really wanted to sell – A better future.

This brand is all about sharing the positive effects of Plant Based products with consumers to help build a more sustainable future for the next generation while providing the best nutrients and sustenance for your body.

With the looming shadow that the brand was to start in Australia and end up in the Chinese market, we had to design characters and brand assets that would be easily understood in Chinese market as well as our own. From logo development centred around an Australian land mass, a set of characters illustrated in-house and a tone of voice that shared the tribalism Food United hopes to build, a brand was born. Poloko delivered every aspect of design and marketing including the production of the packaging.

Bite into the plant based revolution here:


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