/ Off The Grid

We had the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with McGuigan Wines on an exciting project for their new wine series, aptly named “Off the Grid.” This series embodies McGuigan’s commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices, particularly their pioneering use of solar power on their vineyard.

Drawing inspiration from this innovative approach, our team crafted the packaging design for the wine labels, aiming to capture the essence of the sun’s energy and the vineyard’s unique charm. With a harmonious blend of captivating aesthetics and environmentally conscious materials, the Off the Grid labels not only showcase the distinct characteristics of each wine through photography and use of colour pallet. But also reflect the essence of McGuigan Wines’ dedication to responsible winemaking through its unique finishes and embellishments.

We are incredibly proud to have played a part in bringing this remarkable project to life and to support McGuigan Wines in their journey towards a more sustainable future. Cheers to raising a glass of Off the Grid wine and embracing a greener tomorrow!


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