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Long term partner, McGuigan’s Wines mirror our philosophy and works very much within the perimeters of sustainability. They wanted a wine category that represented this and a label that pushed the boundaries with it’s design and print finishes, while still maintaining that serious side of wine quality.

Firstly we created a summary to encapsulate the brand personality: “Don’t call us trailblazers. We’re not. Like every responsible human, we’re just doing our bit to tackle the effects of climate change. For us it means finding innovative ways of getting our own back yard in order,

capturing the power of the sun to ensure we continue to make wines that people want to drink with minimal impact to the environment. 90% of our winery is powered by renewable energy and the property’s 50-hectare crop plantation is 100% irrigated by excess winery water. Nothing goes to waste here at McGuigan.”

With this in hand we developed a unique engaging wine label and capsule that captured the story through it’s graphic design and extra details in production finishes.
The final product is a creation that both McGuigan and Poloko are very proud of.

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